Securing Java

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Java Card Security
How Smart Cards and Java Mix
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We emphasize throughout this book that Java is much more than simply a programming language. This chapter takes that lesson to heart and discusses Java's role in a technology destined to become part of all our lives in the near future-smart cards. In light of its history as a platform for embedded devices, it's a bit ironic, but not surprising, that in one of its many forms, Java is coming full circle back to its embedded roots. Smart cards provide an important enabling technology for e-commerce. They are integral building blocks in many systems currently on the drawing board and a few systems already in service. Java can help make smart cards more accessible to developers and business people by providing a well-understood, familiar environment.

One of the barriers blocking the adoption of smart cards throughout the world has been the lack of a common platform on which to develop applications. Java can help dismantle that barrier, opening a world of potential development opportunities to Java developers and cutting-edge organizations.

This chapter answers a number of questions about Java-based smart cards, including:

  • What is a smart card?
  • Why put Java on a smart card?
  • How can Java fit on a card?
  • How secure are smart cards?
  • What role can smart cards play in e-commerce systems?
  • How does the use of Java impact smart card security?
These questions are important ones to ask since smart cards have already started appearing in consumer wallets, especially in Europe.

Chapter Eight Sections
  1. Java Security Goes Both Ways
  2. What Is a Smart Card?
  3. Why Put Java on a Smart Card?
  4. How Can Java Fit on a Card?
  5. How Secure Are Smart Cards?
  6. What Role Can Smart Cards Play in E-Commerce Systems?
  7. How Does the Use of Java Impact Smart Card Security?
  8. Managing Risks

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