Securing Java

Praise for Securing Java

"This second edition is mandatory up-to-date reading for every user and developer of Webware. Its eye-opening analysis of the security risks provides timely realism amidst an otherwise mad dash to universal Net use."

Peter G. Neumann
Principal Scientist; Computer Science Lab, SRI International; Moderator of the Risks Forum; Author of Computer-Related Risks

"This book cuts through the hype and clears up the confusion surrounding Java and security."

Bill Venners
Author of Inside the Java Virtual Machine

"McGraw and Felten give Java's designers their due for trying to create a secure Internet programming language, but they cut through a lot of the hype--both positive and negative--about how secure it really is. Since Java pervades many aspects of Internet commerce, knowing the true risks is important for anyone who plans to do business on the Net."

David Carr
Senior Editor, Internet World

"Security is a part of modern networking that often gets ignored until it's too late... Gary and Ed's book is a clear explanation of the situation, chock full of details and useful advice. A must-read book for anyone who is considering mobile code as part of their mission-critical infrastructure."

Marcus J. Ranum
CEO, Network Flight Recorder, Inc.

The Official Java Directory Review (April 14, 1999)

"... wonderfully written and full of good information."

Billy Barton
Java Metroplex User's Group

Electronic Review of Computer Books (Mar. 14, 1999)

Dr. Dobb's

Book of the Week (Feb. 22-28, 1999)

Internet World Featured in Internet World, January 11, 1999.

See also reviews of the first edition.

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